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128 x 128 cm


100% organic Cotton Scarf 
GOTS certified

hand wash

machine wash 30°

CHEERS - scarf

VAT Included |
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  • The festive time of the year is near.

    Why not celebrate it with a festive scarf?

    Well, imagine: 

    You are at a Office christmas party.

    The drinks are good, specially that one with Pomegranate, Grand Manier and Ginger Beer. Mmmmhhh... You're  having your second btw. 

    Also the food was "ok". (But you're thinking about that burger you'll  have, later on your way home)

    And the few strange conversations between colleagues? Well they will be hopefully forgotten by the next day.

    Your thoughts are drifting away, while you hold on to your drink, look into the crowd and think:

    I love my new scarf.


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